Commonly Asked Questions about Using Medical Cannabis:

How can I obtain a Certification for Medical Marijuana? 

  1. Determine Eligibility: 
    a. You must be a legal resident of New York
    State with the ability to show proof of state residency. 

    b. You must have one of the specific debilitating health conditions approved under NY State guidelines. For a full list, click here. Health records indicating diagnosis and previous treatments may be necessary, to confirm and/or expedite the process.

    c. You must not be pregnant

  2. Evaluation Consultation:
    Meet with Dr. Zablozki to review medical history, health records and treatment options.

  3. Initial Certification Document 
    will be generated, with unique number and initial dosing recommendations.

  4. Register yourself with New York State using this certification number.

  5. Once your ID card is received in the mail, you will make an appointment to go to a dispensary
    where you will meet with a specialized medical cannabis pharmacist to dispense your product/s. 
    These will typically be a one month's supply.

  6. You will follow up with Dr. Zablozki at various intervals, depending on your unique needs, to follow your progress, reasess dosing and treatment goals, as well as to generate updated renewal referrals. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is virtual consultations,

by video chat. When possible, we use our Practice Better system. WE also can use 

VSee, or which are also HIPAA compliant, secure software platforms.

You would simply need to download the software and/or app to sign up.

It's simple to use. 



Do I have to smoke it?:

      Actually, under New York State guidelines, it is not legal to smoke marijuana, even for medical purposes. When you get the medication at a designated dispensary, you will be prescribed for either liquid drops, capsules, or a vaporizer that contain the beneficial oils. This gives you the benefits without the toxicity of the smoke. Which method is best for you will depend on your preference and the effect it gives you. 


How do I use it it without getting “high”?

      Not all types of cannabinoids have psychoactive effects. How “high” you get depends on the types and amounts of the various cannabinoids and other natural chemicals within the formulation you are taking. Recreational use cannabis tends to be high in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what causes the high, psychoactive, feeling.  In NY State, medically beneficial formulations are highly regulated and are designed to mindfully combine, in various ratios, THC with another very beneficial component called CBD (Cannabidiol).  CBD as well as most other components of the plant, do not have the same psychoactive effects as THC. A balanced combination gives the greatest health benefits, especially for pain relief, while minimizing psychoactive side effects. 


Is it safer than Opioids for Pain Management? 

      Basically Yes. While opioids are some of the most prescribed medications for chronic pain, and they can provide great pain relief, they can be highly addictive. Their use can also result in impaired daily functioning or even death from accidental overdose. Marijuana used mindfully and in moderation for medical benefit is rarely addictive and
death due to marijuana overdose is almost unheard of. It has actually
been used to help wean people off of their medications. States with
medical marijuana laws have reportedly had significantly reduced opioid overdose deaths.


Do many people get relief from their chronic pain when they use Medical Marijuana?

      Many people, with various types of pain, have had very successful clinical benefit with pain relief, greater function, and the ability to stop using other pain medications. Many scientific studies have shown and continue to see pain relief from the cannabis plant, due to its effect on pain signaling and inflammation.  When THC, CBD, and the plants’ other natural components work together, as a whole, it can be biochemically a very powerful, natural medicine.


What else can I do to feel well? 

      Often, the underlying causes of pain or other illnesses are related to  nutritional,  environmental, physical, and stress related-factors. The most important steps you can take in addition to finding safe effective medication, is to take the time to learn about how each of these can impact your health, your pain level and life and what you can do to start transforming the way you feel. Learn more about the wellness programs we offer.

Additional Resources:

These sites are great resources to learn more about medical-purpose cannabis. Enjoy learning! (and don't forget to come back and contact us to get the process started for you!)

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Realm of Caring-

Dispensaries That Our Patients In and  Around New York City Typically Use: 

Vireo Health  -  located in Queens.
Also has a nearby  location in White Plains, Westchester


Columbia Care - located in Manhattan

Also has a nearby  location in Riverhead, Long Island


PharmaCannis - located in the Bronx


MedMen - located in Manhattan and Lake Success 

Etain Health - located in Manhattan

Also has a nearby location in Yonkers 

Curaleaf located in Queens 

CIitiva- located in Brooklyn 


Home Delivery is now an option depending on where you live!